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About Sundrani


SUNDRANI jewelry elegantly marries gold or silver with exceptional gemstones like amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, garnet, peridot, rose quartz, smoky quartz, as well as pearls and other gemstones. Because of SUNDRANI's demand for high quality gemstones, the jewelry escapes comparison with other fashion jewelry, often fitted with synthetic, cubic zirconia or glass stones. The "Haute Joaillierie" collections include fine diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Set with these expertly cut real gems from all over the world, SUNDRANI jewelry radiates excellence and unique personality.

Setting new trends with classical fashion, SUNDRANI designs specialize in rare, over-sized, and high quality gemstones with the best color,clarity, and cut available. These stones are then cut & polished to her personal specifications and designs. She maintains her production sites in India and Italy which, under her leadership, allows for seamless production that conforms to the highest standards of world-renowned jewelers.

Sundrani has a shrewd philosophy of luxury in her own lifestyle, musing that it does not need to be excessively expensive. She says "Luxury is a matter of each and everyone's taste and finding the right place to use it." Consequently, she provides exquisite jewelry with gemstones at an affordable price. "Why wear false stones if you can have the real thing for almost the same price?" She also underlines that a real gemstone will remain in your family for generations, "adding actual jewels to your family jewels". To learn more about SUNDRANI Jewelry or browse the online store, please visit sundrani.com

Karima SundraniKarima Sundrani, Designer
It took globe trotting Karima Sundrani almost thirty years to visit her ancestral country, India, but only took moments to feel its power. Three generations of Karima Sundrani's family have made East Africa their home. Karima Sundrani was born and raised in stunning Montreux, Switzerland. She started her business career as a purchaser for various large Telecom companies and was soon heading the marketing communications department for a software development company in Zurich. The beautiful gemstones, the exquisite jewelry, and the rich culture she discovered in India inspired her to create jewelry of her own. Within months she was studying gemology at the Swiss Gemological Institute. She continues to be inspired by gemstones' natural beauty and countries from which they come.

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